Why I Am Running

Patrick Huckelberry, candidate for Michigan 13th congressional district.I am running because I believe we are being failed by our representation who cares too much for money and too little for us. I am choosing to run without looking for funds from corporations and wealthy donors because that’s how it should be. I believe the people should be the focus of our representatives.

I am also running because I don’t believe that an elected office should be handed down from family member to family member like an heirloom or our candidates be chosen in some backroom by party elites. We need change in all aspects of the way we elect our representatives.

Further, I’ve witnessed the gradual stealing of the American dream by billionaires and profiteers. Taking the lion’s  share and leaving us to fight over scraps. Having us turn on each other rather than blaming the real culprits. The only way to change this is for us to take our country back. Put it back in the hands of its electorate as the founding fathers envisioned. We are the people and we  deserve more.

We work hard. Hold our end up. And more times than not we are ignored. We deserve more. There is no millionaire or billionaire in this world that doesn’t owe (at least in part) their success to our labors. We are the backbone that holds this society up. Without us there is no America. It’s about time we let the 1% know we deserve more. We’ve short-changed ourselves long enough. It is our duty to our children and our grandchildren to bring back the American dream as a right for ourselves from ourselves. This is not something we should beg for, it is something we should demand. We deserve more.

My name is Patrick Huckelberry and I’m running as an Independent Progressive for Michigan’s 13th Congressional District.


The main issues I am running on should be familiar to most of you. These progressive issues aim to make this country more equitable and just for all of us. They represent the very heart of progressive ideals. The ideals that will make our country, again, the place of the “American Dream”.

  • Medicare for All
  • Living Wage for All
  • Jobs for All
  • Free Public Education for All
  • Childcare for All

We hear constantly about the concept of “American Exceptionalism”, but we can find little evidence of it in everyday life. How can we be exceptional when the general health of our nation is deteriorating? How can we be exceptional with over 40 million people living in poverty? One third being children. How can we be exceptional when, despite the recent unemployment reports, more jobs created today are low paying or temporary in nature? How are we exceptional when our urban schools are decaying? Where public schools are being underfunded and for-profit schools are being promoted as solutions without any studies that say they work. In this district only 1 in 4 graduates actually goes to college, and those that do face crippling debt when they graduate. I, without a doubt, love this country. We must do better. We can do better.


Campaign Announcement

As the deadline for signatures approaches we are no where near the amount of signatures needed to officially be on the ballot. Therefore, I have decided to end my campaign for the 2018 election cycle. I want to thank those that have supported my run, I am very grateful. This is not the end of …

About Patrick

I grew up in the city of Detroit. My father, Fred, was a maintenance welder for Chrysler and, for a time, UAW union rep and committeeman. My mother, Nancy, a loving housewife, mother, and when needed, an earning partner to my father. I know what its like to grow up in a working-class household. I understand the realities of living paycheck-to-paycheck. I continue to know that struggle. That is why I want this challenge. I want to try to make the lives of struggling people less of a struggle.